Pilates for Back Care

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The very best professionals with expertise in lower back injury prevention and rehabilitation have two things in common; an insight and wisdom developed from experience, and a strong scientific foundation to enable evidence based practice. Each problematic back is a part of a whole person, and no two problematic backs (or patients) are the same, suggesting that optimal intervention would be different for each one. The best approach for optimal rehabilitation and prevention of those factors that exacerbate bad backs will result from wise and scientifically based decisions.

In order to keep our backs healthy, we need to increase circulation and increase mobility by exercising and strengthening the muscles of the back and specifically the core.  Pilates is consistently recommended by health care practitioners as a method of exercise that may address or even alleviate back problems and mobility issues associated with back pain.

Pilates exercises specifically target the muscle group frequently referred to as “the core” this is basically a number of muscles around the lumbar spine, between the bottom ribs and across the hips. As your torso is the “core” of your body, its success as a stable platform is referred to as “core stability”. Core strength and stability are the primary objectives when practicing Pilates for Back Care, but we also address muscle imbalances and look to promote good body mechanics thus reducing and in some cases eliminating back pain.

I personally offer a comprehensive timetable of Pilates Classes in Maldon, Essex including Pilates for Back Care, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes and have been running Pilates classes for over eighteen years.  Our current timetable can be found under the timetable tab on this website. I am also in the process of training to become a Chartered Physiotherapist and as part of my training I work in clinic and local hospital with a team of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, where I prescribe rehabilitative exercises to patients.



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